December 28, 1991

Married Benjamin Harris Todd III

First week of August, 1992

Lee suspected she was pregnant, Harris says she will have to abort. (Harris denies this)

Mid August 1992

Blood test confirms pregnancy. Harris tells Lee “you don’t always get what you want.”

September 9,1992

Heavy bleeding suspected miscarriage of twin, more blood test

September 9, 1992

Positive pregnancy test, Harris upset with the results

October 14, 1992

Harris demands Lee abort baby, (Harris denies this) starts with mention of church, and the growing family, argument ensues. Very upset, Lee lifts up the coffee table to knee height drop it and it rolls over.  Another incident Harris uses to portray Lee as mentally unstable and violent!

October 15-22, 1992

Harris manufactures case against Lee to show she is mentally unstable.  Meets with various doctors, one claiming Harris has PTSD, and that Lee has physically abused him. Is seen in his office carrying around books on mental illness especially for PTSD and Manic Depression. Visits/Calls Dr Oliver Bjorksten and reports stories about his wife.

October 21, 1992

Lee organizes for she and Harris to attend Marriage counseling with Mr Sosnoski. Mr Sosnoski has already received a fax from Dr. Bjorkesten saying Lee will becoming in with her husband and she suffers from “temper outburst”!

October 31, 1992

Harris asks Lee’s mother to sign papers to institutionalize Lee.

December 2, 1992

Lee and Harris meet with Dr. Bjorksten for “marriage counseling”.  Dr. Bjorksten and Harris pretend they don’t know each other although they’ve met on previous occasions to discuss Lee (Lee is unaware of this).

January ?, 1993

Harris comes to Lee’s appointment with Dr. Bjorksten and says he wants a divorce. Dr. Bjorksten recommends Lee Robinson as a lawyer for Lee and provides contact information.

January ?, 1993

Dr Bjorksten prescribes Pregnant Lee “Navane” a antipsychotic drug used for Paranoid Schizophrenic and says he hopes once Lee gives birth that her milk will dry up so he can put her on Lithium. Lee only took 3 tablets out of 60 prescribed (Navane is still NOT recommend for pregnant women). Harris continues to taunt Lee via the phone now saying “are you taking your medicine like a good little girl”???

Mid-February 1993

Trish Stone sees Harris Slam Lee up against his car with his arm drawn back, approx. Lee was 6-7 months pregnant.

March 10, 1993

Harris counters for divorce on grounds of physical abuse. First allegation of violence that Lee is aware of. Harris swears in an affidavit alleging long term violence from Lee and that because of it he suffers from PTSD.

March 21, 1993

Lee finds out that Harris had been seeing Dr Bjorksten before she went to him for “marriage counseling” and that Harris was trying to get Lee committed.

March 23, 1993

Lee confronts Dr Bjorksten about setting her up, Lee fires him.

July 22, 1993

Harris seeks custody of Savanna (Samantha)

August 1993

Lee counters for custody

January 15, 1994

Trial begins over custody of Savanna (Samantha) Presiding Judge, Robert Mallard

Febuary 21, 1994

Visitations declared via the phone with Lawyers and Jania Sommers (Guardian ad Litem), Lee is allowed to see her Nursing Baby 4 Nights an Month!

February 25, 1994

It is believed Lee is coming alone to pick up Savanna but she asks her neighbor at the last minute to go with her. When they get there they see Guardian Ad Litem’s car around the corner. Savannah’s face and head swollen and bruised, bloody nose very dazed and confused. Off to the hospital.

February 27, 1994

Lee refuses to hand over Savanna without court order (advised by police that without court order she is not required), Lee also states she is keeping Savanna for medical observations. Harris gets an emergency court order.  Lee hands her over.

Three day contempt of court trial with Judge Robert Mallard, he finds Lee guilty of contempt and orders Lee to seek yet another psychological evaluation at MUSC, and orders a friend of Lee’s to act in a “supervisor roll” in case of any irregularities.

Still no written Court Order.

March, 1, 1994

Lee hires an attorney Hans Paul to take her to the appellate court. No written judgement by Judge Mallard.

First week of April, 1994

No written judgements yet, which locks Lee out of the appellate court. A Judge has a mandated 30 days to write a Court Order this is approximately day 42.

Lee then flies to LA to obtain a false Birth Certificate

April 12, 1994

Lee gets Texas driver’s license

April 14, 1994

Lee applies for passport