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I Have been off the Website for sometime primary because I can’t for some strange reason connect at home!

After the show we had so many amazing well written blog’s located in a few different areas, most of support and some on the negative side.  People took the time and energy to put their heart and soul (sometimes their personal stories) in to writing them I feel it would be appropriate to give them another platform here on our website. So please see the below blog and I hope you enjoy!

‪Alicia Hutcheson Drivon‪ THANK YOU for bringing light to this horrible epidemic of abusive parents being given custody by the court system. There is so much more of this going on than most people are aware of. Protective parents who are trying to protect their children and speaking out to protect them are being re-abused by the court system as well as their abusers. It is heartbreaking the number of parents unable to protect their children, even when they have proof of the abuse. I hope 48 Hours continues to shine light on this major epidemic of the massive failures of the Family Court System.


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