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It is this time when we pause to reflect on the previous year and boy do I have a lot to reflect on!


New Years eve 2014, I was sitting in a jail unit with 59 of my new best friends facing a possible prison sentence of 23 years!


Backtrack a few months to my return to my birthplace Charleston/Summerville South Carolina. On September 23rd 2014, I was extradited from an Australian Maximum security prison by 3 U.S. Marshalls, I was shackled for the nearly 40-hour journey via Commercial airlines to the US; I jokingly refer to this as High Society to Shackles!

For the next few months I continued my arduous journey to and from the jail and Federal court, learning first hand how difficult it is to maneuver while being chained to 3 other women.


My life in jail/prison is a story within its self, lets just say I never joined a Sorority in College because of my fear of being in a room with a bunch of girls! Well my fear came true so never count your blessings too early.


All in all to put it simply it is Sad and heart breaking to see what society, drugs, mental illness and the legal system has endowed on the human race.


However in every negative situation light can be found like on New Years Eve 2014 at Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center in Charleston South Carolina. In our large Unit where 60 women are kept, we decided it would fitting to do the count down and bring in the New Year together. From all walks of life, education, race and criminal back ground we counted down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! We went from inmate to inmate giving a hug while singing “For Auld Lang Syne”. Almost a Hallmark moment until… the new girl who had spent the past 3 days buried under her blanket, devoid of life except for her uncontrollable shakes do to her withdrawing, sits up and starts puking every where!!!


I constantly make jokes about what I have endured including the humiliation that went with it, but underneath those jokes is the reality that the only people on this earth that I care what they think of me are my children, my friends and family that love me.


Because of that I’m one lucky person! Happy 2016 and love your children…




  • Nicole says:

    You have had an incredible journey Alex and all for love – the love for your children. Not every one has this strong love or are strong enough as a person to act upon it. You have shown how strong you are and how strong your love is for Samantha and Reece. Because of your love they have grown to be amazing adults. I value knowing you are being your friend.

    • Lee Barnett says:

      Hi Nicole you can not imagine how much you, Maddie, Brandon and Terry have meant to our little family! It’s people like you that made our travels and experiences around the world so amazing! The time we spent in Australia in Mooloolaba were with doubt the highlight of our ventures and I miss you all terribly. The unconditional support we received from everyone back “home” was extraordinary, thank you for the part you played and continue to play.
      You have two incredible children and Maddie’s friendship with Samantha has given her so much support. Until we see each other again, thank you for your kind words. Love Alex

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