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Please stay tuned for the CBS 48 Hour Show Tonight at 10 PM.

Our family hopes this will bring some accurate insight to the true story which has not been told for 22 years. Thank you in advance for your interest in our lives and your love and support, we couldn’t  have made it with out it.


  • Keri Gazzard says:

    Dorothy Lee Barnett provided a wonderful life for her kids. A loving & extraordinary mother she gave up her own life as she knew it to save her baby. Quite clearly all the court allegations of her mental illness were rubbish. A gutsy wonderful amazing woman, willing to do what it took to give her daughter a fun, safe & happy life.

    • Lee Barnett says:

      Hi Keri, Words can’t explain how much the love and support you have given me and the children means to me. From the moment the FBI and AFP showed up on my door step you were there for me giving me the strength I needed to get through this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I can’t wait to give you a huge hug one day soon! Love you

  • Kelly Bolton says:

    Good for you! How could a court take a baby from her mother, especially such a loving wonderful mother. The dad only wanted revenge, and is narsasistic and selfish, I can tell just by looking at his face. He is a coward and a bully. And, God new that baby would be in better hands with her mother. Forget mother Theresa, Lee is the most amazing mother in the universe! I hope I can be as great of a mother to my children!

    • Lee Barnett says:

      Thank you Kelly! I really appreciate your comments and support! It’s been a very difficult 23 years but so worth it as I can’t imagine what she would have had to endure if I didn’t make the decision to leave. I’m overwhelmed with the incredible support the children and I have received since my arrest. If I can make even the slightest difference in the minds of the public about the US court system then I will feel I’ve done something positive.
      I hope to continue the fight in one form or another.
      Take care

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