Exiled Timeline

Sammy and Reece SA

Sammy and Reece SA

Sammy and Reece Botswana safari

Sammy and Reece Botswana safari

Sam and Reece SA

Sam and Reece SA


April 23, 1994

Flew to from Atlanta Georgia, to Germany

April 24, 1994

Traveled to Paris by train

April 26 or 27 1994

Traveled to Malaysia

November 23, 1994

Traveled to Cape Town, South Africa

End of 2000

The family moved to Botswana, Africa

January 2003

Moved to New Zealand

December 2007

Moved to Australia

September 23, 2014

Lee was extradited to Charleston, South Carolina USA from Brisbane Australia

February 10, 2015

Plea hearing Charleston South Carolina Federal Court, Lee is given the maximum sentence under her sentencing guide-lines, 21 months, to server a further 3 plus months.