1st Anniversary of my Shackles to Sunshine!!!!

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Wow what a drastic change my life has had in the past year…. Shackles to Sunshine!!!

To my daughter Samantha and my son Reece, there could be no prouder mother in the world.  You lost and had to endure so much in the past 2- 1/2 years, the death of your dad, me to prison, your grandparents death, the loss of your family home, pets, financial and emotional security, the humiliation of what the past 20 years of press and the law enforcement system said about your mom, but all the while you held your heads high, displaying maturity and dignity way beyond your years!  Lets not forget kicking some serious Butts in the academics side of things! Thank you both for being you…I Love you guys more than life it’s self!!!

To all our friends around the world, your unconditional love and support of my children and me has been nothing short of remarkable!  Australian friends and support group your efforts have been miraculous, you know who you are and what you have done. We are so very lucky to know that the friendships we have forged will last a lifetime. Where would Sam Reece and I be without you all xoxo

Our loved ones here in the US and Belize thank you for never forgetting Sam and Me!  Your prayers followed us through our journey and kept us safe and your love has continued to do so since I have been brought back. Looking into the full courtrooms during my hearings and seeing it filled with familiar faces (just a bit older) filled my heart with happiness. To be reunited after 22 years is a gift beyond value. No words can express how I missed each and every one of you and how happy I am to be back in the arms of the people I had to walk away from.  My heart breaks for those who were lost since I left but warmed in the wonderful memories we all share. Each and every one of you was put through insurmountable difficulties because of my actions, I’m sorry, however that never swayed your support and love for us…. Incredible and Mind Blowing to say the least.

So here I am ONE year after my release… so many have said I have come so far (all with the help from family and friends), one day I hope to be as proud of what I have accomplish outside of prison as what I was able to accomplish prior to Prison, but for now I have to be content with fulfilling the goal I set as a mother, parent and human 22+ years ago for Savanna.

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