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Hold Congressional Oversight Hearings on the Failure of Family and Divorce Courts
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Family courts exist as an incestuous, unquestioned, multi-million dollar money making venue for attorneys, custody evaluators, parent coordinators, guardians ad litem, and other inner circle court appointed “players”. Really? So, exactly how does this work? What is the formula that keeps the pay-out wheels turning here? 1. THE BATTERER/ABUSER/DV PERP, a sociopath in an Armani suit, who will gladly pay any amount to attorneys, psychologists, et al. in order to destroy his ex wife and punish his children for the crimes of leaving him and/or disclosing his violent actions. He brings to his attorney the highly sought after, enormously profitable “high conflict” domestic case. 2. MATRIMONIAL/DOMESTIC/FAMILY ATTORNEYS and OTHER VARIOUS AND SUNDRY “FAVORED” COURT APPOINTEES (parent coordinators, custody evaluators, guardians ad litem, minor’s counsel, therapists, physicians) willing to commit not only professional ethics violations, but punishable crimes such as Accessory to Kidnapping / Assault / Perjury / Fraud Upon the Court / Covering up Child Abuse / Homicide. For carrying out the abuser’s agenda in family court, they make unimaginable amounts of money off of the suffering of helpless children. 3. FAMILY COURT JUDGES; jaded, cold, spiteful, misogynist, and often corrupt, they punish mothers and children for alleging abuse, and are more concerned with keeping their political connections and clearing their docket than protecting children. 4. STATE LEGISLATURES, who have given family court judges “wide discretion” in their rulings with unlawful doctrines like “best interest of the child”, which virtually robs litigants of the constitutional right to appeal family court decisions. 5. STATE APPELLATE COURTS, who admittedly, are reluctant to question family court rulings due to the inherent difficulty of overturning them (or because of laziness, cronyism, and political pressure).
But what, you ask, is the crucial component of this RICO-esque charade? The raw fodder without which none of the above described Machiavellian theatrics could occur? The answer is ABUSED CHILDREN AND THE MOTHERS WHO TRY TO PROTECT THEM IN FAMILY COURT. As lambs to the slaughter, they are exploited and picked clean to the point of financial, spiritual, and emotional decimation. Once the fodder is depleted, the attorneys et al quickly make their exit (i.e. withdraw from the case) and are on to the next “promising” custody case, the “higher conflict”, the better.

Liliane Miller
Co-Founder, Vice Chair
Battered Women, Abused Children, and Child Custody: A National Crisis
The Battered Mothers Custody Conference
Liliane Miller, Charlotte, NC3 years ago

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