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December 2015


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It is this time when we pause to reflect on the previous year and boy do I have a lot to reflect on!


New Years eve 2014, I was sitting in a jail unit with 59 of my new best friends facing a possible prison sentence of 23 years!


Backtrack a few months to my return to my birthplace Charleston/Summerville South Carolina. On September 23rd 2014, I was extradited from an Australian Maximum security prison by 3 U.S. Marshalls, I was shackled for the nearly 40-hour journey via Commercial airlines to the US; I jokingly refer to this as High Society to Shackles!

For the next few months I continued my arduous journey to and from the jail and Federal court, learning first hand how difficult it is to maneuver while being chained to 3 other women.


My life in jail/prison is a story within its self, lets just say I never joined a Sorority in College because of my fear of being in a room with a bunch of girls! Well my fear came true so never count your blessings too early.


All in all to put it simply it is Sad and heart breaking to see what society, drugs, mental illness and the legal system has endowed on the human race.


However in every negative situation light can be found like on New Years Eve 2014 at Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center in Charleston South Carolina. In our large Unit where 60 women are kept, we decided it would fitting to do the count down and bring in the New Year together. From all walks of life, education, race and criminal back ground we counted down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! We went from inmate to inmate giving a hug while singing “For Auld Lang Syne”. Almost a Hallmark moment until… the new girl who had spent the past 3 days buried under her blanket, devoid of life except for her uncontrollable shakes do to her withdrawing, sits up and starts puking every where!!!


I constantly make jokes about what I have endured including the humiliation that went with it, but underneath those jokes is the reality that the only people on this earth that I care what they think of me are my children, my friends and family that love me.


Because of that I’m one lucky person! Happy 2016 and love your children…



Thank you!

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I want to say thank you to all those people who have made such amazing supportive comments after the airing of “Dear Savanna” show on CBS’s 48 Hours!

We watched the show together including  Samantha and our friends in Australia via Face Time, how wonderful is this modern technology!!!

My children and I are truly blessed with the outpouring of love and I’m thankful that some extremely important points were made during the show and people “Got it”.

For 21 years I have fought with my inner self wanting to come back and let the world know about the injustice which was done to Samantha and me, but my need to protect my family was too important to jeopardize. I am a believer that things happen for a reason and yes the pain and suffering my children went through when I was incarcerated and the devastating financial loss was horrendous but the truth outweighs the loss and we are stronger for it.

For every one of me there are tens of thousands out there both male and female who have been put through something similar.

Let us not forget when we complain about today’s youth so many of our youth have been put through nasty divorces, cruelty between parents, and adult situations not meant for children.

Clearly the system is and has been broken for many years here in the US where children are merely viewed as chattel not only via their parents but through the Courts, Lawyers, paid Guardian ad Litem’s and Psychologists and Psychiatrists. If this continues and we don’t find a remedy we will see more of our youth acting out on what they have learned from their elders.

All video’s for Dear Savanna

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Subject: Fwd: Live web assets for Dear Savanna

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